April 08, 2019

Where can we work from??

As a virtual assistant you are able to work from anywhere in the world that has an internet and/or wifi connection!

I am presently writing this blog post from the adult pool at the Fiesta Americana in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

The flexibility to stay in touch with clients and get work completed is extremely satisfying and a great work life balance.  It almost seems unfair to be able to work this way but I’m sure going to do my best to make this work!

While still building our business we only take a vacation or two a year, but in the next few years I plan on stretching these out to possibly getting away from our Canadian winters and learn to speak fluent Spanish.

When you witness how hard working the people in Mexico work (12 plus hours a day/6 days a week) it gives us an appreciation and motivation for what we have here in Canada. Seeing them work so hard, yet always have a smile to give is motivating and inspiring to work harder and be a better human being.

I am going to go do some networking and make some connections here!  There is a lot of proofreading that could be done!! Omgosh!! The mistakes in English are incredible and would be such a simple fix and look so much more professional for these large chain resorts and restaurants in general.

Well here is to cold calling and networking!!

Have a great week everyone!!




From Mikayla,

I had to stay at home and watch the dogs…

Are we doing the right thing?

Well things seem to be progressing and the business set up is coming along! We have been utilizing the coaching and mentoring sessions at Everything Olds. These sessions have been very beneficial in providing us some food for thought that we had not quite thought of yet.

I think for both of us, this decision to go into business for ourselves has been exhilarating, challenging and terrifying all rolled into a nice neat package.

We have recently joined the Olds Chamber of Commerce, ordered our business cards and attended an Olds Entrepreneurial night. This was a great night to network with other business owners and learn from others.

We have a few leads on some potential clients, “YIPPEE!!!!” then the real work begins.

We are also presently working on our pricing packages, executive summary template and always updating and posting to our Social Media accounts.

I guess to answer the main question above, “Are we doing the right thing?”. Yes, we certainly are and I couldn’t have asked a better person to be my partner. We banter back and forth, tease and challenge each other with all that we do, but we still have fun doing it.


What is a Virtual Assistant?

If someone asked us this question last year, we would have said, “huh?”, “A what?”, LOL!

The last 6 months or so we now have a better handle on a definition that we can share.

Virtual Assistant (VA) is a professional administrative assistant that is highly skilled; qualified to promptly provide administrative; technical and creative business services.

As a client you need to ask yourself what is more beneficial to your business’s growth and productivity? I need to utilize my time better, and possibly hire a VA to address the day to day items that are stunting my businesses growth.

What is your definition of a VA?  What do you need from a VA?