*Custom packages available

Human Resources Services:

  • Package #1
    • Recruitment (Job description; Job postings; sifting through resumes; pre-screening; setting up interviews; conducting interviews; offering employment; on-boarding) : $35/hr
    • Note: We are willing to break this package up to best suit your needs
  • Package #2
    • On-boarding (Create on-boarding package for New Hires) : $299/ Flat Rate
    • Off-boarding (Create off-boarding package for Management) : $199/ Flat Rate
  • Package #3
    • Templates (On-boarding; Off-boarding; Job Descriptions; Job Postings; Pre-screening questions; Interview questions; Interview process; Offer of employment script; Employee Letters (Letter of employment, Letter of Resignation Confirmation, Letter of Termination and more) : COMING SOON! 

Resume Services:

  • Package #1
    • Proof-reading/Grammar 
    • Suggestions
    • $60 Flat Rate
  • Package #2
    • Proof-reading/Grammar of resume and cover letter
    • Suggestions
    • $90 Flat Rate
  • Package #3
    • Proof-reading/Grammar of resume and cover letter
    • Make appropriate changes to resume and cover letter for a specific job client is applying for (will need job specifications and description)
    • $120 Flat Rate
    • Note: must provide enough time in advance for completion of resume and cover letter prior to the end date for job posting

Email Inbox Management:

  • Package #1
    • Organizing email inbox/ calendar
    • 10 hours
    • $299 Flat Rate
    • Some conditions may apply
  • Package #2
    • Organizing and maintaining email inbox and/or calendar
    • Provide customer service through email
    • $199 /monthly
    • Some conditions may apply

Office Administration:

  • Proof reading, data entry and email management
  • Organizing personal/business schedules, updating calendars, and preparing agendas
  • File management with Google Drive or Microsoft Office
  • 5-10 hours /weekly
  • $35/hr

Social Media Management:

  • 3 posts per week
  • Multiple posting on ‘stories’ per week
  • 2-3 hours of engagement per week
  • $699 /monthly 

Website Updates:

  • Updating website (max 5 hours /month)
  • $149/ Monthly

Contact us today to find out about our hourly rates! 

Please note that prices may vary depending on hours per week and the job requirements. This will be negotiated between the client and Our Virtual Desk before any contracts are signed.

Email us at info@ourvirtualdesk.com for more information.